why I'm here

My life is filled with the most amazing people who are incredibly talented.  i have lived in one of the most outrageously... for lack of a better word... amazing cities in the world for the past- almost 8 years, New York City.  I get emotional thinking about how hard this place has kicked my ass but how overwhelming proud I am of myself for doing it- really, really doing it!!!! So many before me and so many after will get the same feelings- experience the sadness, loneliness and the utter Fuck YEA! I did it! Those "I made it moments" makes all this crazy worthwhile. In short-  It's pretty spectacular. 

I've worked my up that ridiculously crazy ladder in the fashion industry and along the way i've picked up and held on to some pretty special relationships. New York City where the best of the best of the creative world come to make and do something.

This project- I'm calling it Project Creative (not completely sold on the name) but to quote one of my favorite authors, Jen Sincero - "Getting something out there is better than not having anything out there at all"... So, Project Creative- PC for short, is a collaborative effort to bring creatives in this beautiful city and hopefully in others as well, working together and learning from each other and most importantly- lifting each other up!!! 

Every month the partnership of artists will join together to represent their work in a "soon to be disclosed" way. Stay tuned!

I'll try to document the journey as much as possible and hopefully put a smile on your face and encourage everyone to reach a bit further together!!!

Creativity is contagious- pass it on.



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